scaleio 2016-05-18

ScaleIO を触り始めた。

  • ソフトウェアベースのストレージ製品
    • 拡張規模は1000ノード以上
  • サーバーの内蔵ディスクを共有ストレージ化
    • HDD, SSD, PCIe-Flash
  • OpenStackのブロックストレージとして活用
    • Cinder Driverを提供

のSDS (Software Defined Storage)プロダクトとなる。


Vagrantを活用した超簡単なScaleIOのインストール方法 の動画の通り、Vagrant上でScaleIOを試すことが出来る。

vagrant up すると

  • mdm1
  • mdm2
  • td

という3つのVMが立ち上がる。それぞれ "Meta Data Manager", "Tie-Breaker" という役割でこの3台が最小のセットとなるみたい。各々の機能についてはまだよく分かっていない。

ScaleIO Quick Start Guide - EMC の "4. Enable the Storage" を見ると、CLI経由での操作が書いてあるが、mdm1にて

scli --login --username admin --password <password>
scli --query_all


System Info:
        Product:  EMC ScaleIO Version: R1_32.402.1
        ID:      77b9056833d2c793
        Manager ID:      0000000000000000
        Name:     cluster1

License info:
        Installation ID: 5380876158d928c8
        Maximum capacity: Unlimited
        Usage time left: Unlimited *** Non-Production License ***
        Enterprise features: Enabled
        The system was activated 0 days ago

System settings:
        Volumes are not obfuscated by default
        Capacity alert thresholds: High: 80, Critical: 90
        Thick volume reservation percent: 0
        MDM restricted SDC mode: disabled

Query all returned 1 Protection Domain:
Protection Domain protection_domain1 (Id: b4deb59f00000000) has 1 storage pools, 0 Fault Sets, 3 SDS nodes, 1 volumes and 112.0 GB (114688 MB) available for volume allocation
Operational state is Active

Storage Pool capacity (Id: 70b6ba8f00000000) has 1 volumes and 112.0 GB (114688 MB) available for volume allocation
        The number of parallel rebuild/rebalance jobs: 2
        Rebuild is enabled and using Limit-Concurrent-IO policy with the following parameters:
        Number of concurrent IOs per device: 1
        Rebalance is enabled and using Favor-Application-IO policy with the following parameters:
        Number of concurrent IOs per device: 1, Bandwidth limit per device: 10240 KB per second
        Background device scanner: Disabled
        Zero padding is disabled
        Spare policy: 10% out of total
        Uses RAM Read Cache
        RAM Read Cache write handling mode is 'cached'

SDS Summary:
        Total 3 SDS Nodes
        3 SDS nodes have membership state 'Joined'
        3 SDS nodes have connection state 'Connected'
        276.4 GB (283026 MB) total capacity
        232.8 GB (238340 MB) unused capacity
        0 Bytes snapshots capacity
        16.0 GB (16384 MB) in-use capacity
        0 Bytes thin capacity
        16.0 GB (16384 MB) protected capacity
        0 Bytes failed capacity
        0 Bytes degraded-failed capacity
        0 Bytes degraded-healthy capacity
        0 Bytes unreachable-unused capacity
        0 Bytes active rebalance capacity
        0 Bytes pending rebalance capacity
        0 Bytes active fwd-rebuild capacity
        0 Bytes pending fwd-rebuild capacity
        0 Bytes active bck-rebuild capacity
        0 Bytes pending bck-rebuild capacity
        0 Bytes rebalance capacity
        0 Bytes fwd-rebuild capacity
        0 Bytes bck-rebuild capacity
        0 Bytes active moving capacity
        0 Bytes pending moving capacity
        0 Bytes total moving capacity
        27.6 GB (28302 MB) spare capacity
        16.0 GB (16384 MB) at-rest capacity
        0 Bytes decreased capacity

        Primary-reads                            0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Primary-writes                           0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Secondary-reads                          0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Secondary-writes                         0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Backward-rebuild-reads                   0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Backward-rebuild-writes                  0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Forward-rebuild-reads                    0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Forward-rebuild-writes                   0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Rebalance-reads                          0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second
        Rebalance-writes                         0 IOPS 0 Bytes per-second

Volumes summary:
        1 thick-provisioned volume. Total size: 8.0 GB (8192 MB)

とVagrantによるプロビジョン時にVolumeが作成されていることが分かる。利用するノードにもScaleIO Data Clientをインストールし、ScaleIO Data Serverと通信することでストレージを利用出来るようになるようだ。



Shinya Tsunematsu

a Software Engineer loves tech, curry, music, fitness.

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